We warmly welcome each and every one of you – both “old” and “new” – to Double Decker’s section of the website just for parents.

  • Placing important information at your fingertips with various downloads
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  • Sharing the backgrounds of our staff

We have so many inspiring moments with the children. Learning milestones that have been reached, giggles that have been shared and friendships that have been forged, and we simply want to share these moments with you as well.


Admissions Director

Nathalie worked in Double Decker Kilchberg as Administrator from 2004 to 2010. She joined our Küsnacht campus in 2012 as Director of Admissions. Raised in New York in a bilingual family speaking English and French, Nathalie holds a University degree in International Relations and Latin American Economics.


Raised and schooled in Germany, Inge holds diplomas as Preschool and Kindergarten Teacher, as well as Montessori Educator. Having joined Double Decker as a Preschool Teacher in 2009, she assumed the position of Team Manager 2013. Inge completed her Swiss training as Nursery Supervisor in December 2015, joined Kilchberg as Kindergarten teacher in 2017, and returned to Küsnacht in August 2018.

Early Years Teacher & Nature Educator

Dajana trained in Switzerland as a Preschool Teacher, completing her internship and apprenticeship with Double Decker in 2012. She went on to obtain Swiss certifications as both a Nature Educator and a mentor to apprentices. Dajana returned to Double Decker in 2015 and in 2019 began working as Curriculum Assistant, with focus on the pre-Kindergarten groups.

Early Years Teacher & Nurse

Raised and educated in the UK, Simon holds a Bachelor of Nursing degree, as well as a diploma in Early Years Development and Education. Having held both teaching and management positions in UK nurseries, Simon joined Double Decker in 2018, after 11 years in Edinburgh, where he also taught music classes to children aged 6 months to five years.

Preschool & Kindergarten Teacher

Erica was awarded Qualified Teacher Status by the U.K. Department of Education and obtained her Postgraduate Diploma in Education with particular focus on Primary and Early Years. Erica joined Double Decker in 2019 after completing a two-year teaching position with children in the Early Years Foundation Stage in Coventry, England, and now leads our Kindergarten educational programme.

Early Years Teacher

Trained in England, Jo joined Double Decker in 2004, working at our Kilchberg school as Preschool Teacher and Enrichment Program Facilitator (emergent literacy). Working closely with our Kilchberg team for two years, she moved to our Küsnacht campus in 2012, focusing primarily on work with the youngest of our children.

Early Years Teacher

Born into a bilingual family, speaking Swedish and Swiss German, Alex was schooled in Switzerland. She completed a three-year apprenticeship at Double Decker and was awarded certification as an Early Years Educator from BFS Winterthur Vocational College in June 2020. Alex began as an Early Years Teacher at Double Decker in August 2020.

Early Years Teacher

Raised and educated in Germany, Sandra is a certified preschool teacher, bringing twelve years experience in this field to Double Decker. Having moved to Switzerland in 2018, she joined our Küsnacht team that same year. Particularly drawn to working with the youngest of our children, Sandra is active as a mentor to our trainees.

Preschool & Yoga Teacher

Trained as a preschool teacher in the UK, Kate was subsequently awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. Having taught ages ranging from six months to six years in a variety of educational positions over a nine-year period, Kate joined us in August 2019, following four years teaching in international Kindergartens in Hong Kong.

Lunch Manager & Teacher Support

Doris is a florist by training, having previously managed the Flower and Garden department of a leading Swiss supermarket chain. She joined Double Decker in 2010, and manages our lunch program in addition to maintaining our high standards of hygiene. She is also a frequent support within the various Double Decker groups.

Lunch Support

Anderson was born in Peru. After moving to Spain, Anderson received his primary school education there. Anderson then completed secondary school in Switzerland and, after completing a few internships, has been supporting lunch at Double Decker since August 2019. By working at Double Decker, Anderson is also improving his knowledge of German.